Wayne Trail is proud of Fist Bump Friday that encourages students and staff to pass along compliments!
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Principal's Message

Nick Neiderhouse, Ed.D., Principal
Linda Meek, Secretary
Lynne Gill, Office Assistant



Dear Wayne Trail Families,

Wayne Trail Elementary is a great place to grow and learn! The elementary years of a child's school life are extremely important. They hinge upon the cooperation between the child, his or her teacher(s), the parents, and myself. We encourage parents to become actively involved in their child's education and to be a vital part of the school community. This has proven to be just that. Parental participation is essential in making Wayne Trail Elementary an effective and engaging school where all children learn.The students have developed a wholesome, enthusiastic attitude and sense of pride for their achievement and for their school. We want to provide a safe, nurturing climate where everyone learns. Wayne Trail Elementary is all that and then some.

As we move through the school year we are encouraged by the growth that takes place. Children become young adolescents and these young adolescents will eventually move on to Gateway Middle School. We hope they use the foundations taught to them at Wayne Trail Elementary to help them in the future. Thank you in advance for a memorable year!


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