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History & Overview

A History of the Maumee School District

One of the first chartered high school in the state of Ohio was established in Maumee in 1843. The Maumee School District was officially established soon after (1850) and Fort Miami School was created. Teachers were hired for an average wage of $50 a month for men and $30 for women. Salaries compensated teachers for both teaching and janitorial duties. 

Prior to the official inception of the Maumee School District, public education of Maumee youth was handled by community members including Hiram P. Barlow (who taught for $25 a month plus board) and Dr. Conant, a practicing physician.  The original community school building was made of logs and located in the lowlands. In 1823, a new, one-room, frame building was constructed on West Broadway, near Allen Street. On February 9, 1840, Maumee City Academy was incorporated and the one-room school was moved back allowing a two-story, four-room building to be erected with the old building attached to the rear. 

Historic Photo of Union School In 1870, the first building to be called Maumee High School (now Union School) was constructed at a cost of $40,000. The six-room, three-story brick building was erected at Conant and Broadway. An east wing and west wing were added between 1922-25. Maumee High School’s first official graduating class consisted of one graduate, Ella Graham (Moore). The year was 1878. Today, the Union School building is still being used in a cooperative space sharing arrangement with Perrysburg Public Schools for the districts’ preschool programs.  Union School's sesquicentennial was celebrated in 2020 with a few activities (pandemic caused postponement of many activities), but celebrations will continue in calendar year 2021. 

In 1939, a new high school was constructed at the corner of Gibbs and Sackett Streets at a cost of $334,959. Today, this building houses grades 6 – 8 and is named Gateway Middle School. This building was designed to accommodate community growth, being built for 600 students, when the enrollment at that time was 304. The new school featured the district’s first school cafeteria. 

The current building that is Maumee High School was constructed at 1147 Saco Street at a cost of $1,728,963. The building was dedicated on Sunday, October 29, 1961. Dr. Fred J. Rolf, then superintendent of schools, said this at the dedication ... “A school building does not make an education. However, the school buildings in a community do reflect the attitude of that community toward the education of its youth. The citizens of the Maumee school community are to be congratulated for this fine structure with its modern facilities for the better education of our youth.”

Today, The City of Maumee is located in Lucas County and stretches for five miles along the north bank of the Maumee River. Maumee lies 65 miles south of Detroit, 130 miles northwest of Columbus, 110 miles west of Cleveland, and 230 miles east of Chicago in the suburbs of Toledo.

-  Special thanks to Maumee historian & author Marty Wendler